Refrigerator Repair: How to Identify Cooling Problems


A refrigerator’s main purpose is to keep your food fresh and your drinks cold. Simply put, it makes our lives easier. But every once in a while, these appliances just stop working. It is annoying to see good food go to waste: hard earned money is being thrown away, and that too, is not so cool.

Having a refrigerator cooling issue can be incredibly frustrating, but having it fixed should definitely not be a problem since professional appliance repair companies are always available.

Because the refrigerator is running 24/7, it’s more likely to have problems in the future. Fridges can stop cooling properly for a number of reasons. There are ways to determine if it’s time to call an appliance repair technician. While you may be able to spot the issue and the solution, it’s sometimes better to have an expert do the job for you, because these type of appliances need the utmost attention and maintenance, and DIY enthusiasts can sometimes add more damage to it causing you to spend more money for repair costs.

Some possible causes of a fridge malfunction are:

Faulty Door Gaskets

A door gaskets main role is to ensure that the fridge doors are sealed tightly. Frequent opening and closing of doors is one possible cause as the warm air replaces the cold air inside your fridge. Once the gaskets become loose, it may cause leaking, giving your fridge a warmer temperature.

Dirty Condenser & Cooling Coils

As your unit ages, condenser coils can eventually burn out, especially if it is not cleaned regularly. Dust can build up around these coils and can result in the fridge overheating or malfunctioning. Always make sure that you also clean the coils once in a while as it is more costly to repair a faulty condenser coil.

Clogged Condenser & Evaporator Fan

Condenser fans are usually found at the bottom of the fridge, while the evaporator fan is in the freezer. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your unit, check if there’s something blocking either of the fans. If there is, chances are, your fridge will not cool down. Clogged vents may cause your unit to overheat as it is not getting enough airflow that it needs, therefore shutting it off.

If you know your way around kitchen appliances and suspect that any of the above situations are causing your fridge to not work properly, you may try to address the refrigerator repair issue on your own–cleaning blocked fans and dirty condenser coils is sometimes a quick fix. But if you’re uncomfortable doing the work on your own, then it’s always better to seek professional help from an appliance service company such as C&W Appliance Service, the leading refrigerator repair company in Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.


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