Randy Carter – One in a Million

CW Services Inc: Randy Carter

C&W Appliance Service has a small army of highly skilled technicians, technicians you can trust to repair and service your appliances to keep them in peak operation condition.

One of them is Randy Carter, and we’d like to tell you about him.

For the last 34 years, Randy has been a member of the C&W Appliance Service family and is one of the resident Sub Zero repair experts.

Over the years, Randy gained his vast knowledge from a combination of experience and manufacturers’ advanced training. He’s able to repair not just the current models but the older ones and everything in between.

With outstanding customer service always uppermost in mind, Randy’s goal is to keep your appliance operating and he will go to extraordinary lengths to do just that. Randy recently rebuilt the entire workings of a 35 year old freezer including the compressor, the evaporator, the heat exchanger, and all the other components that go to make up the refrigeration system. And that’s no small feat when you consider how difficult it can be to get parts for older appliances. Randy says that “for some of the older appliances, the parts are not as available as they used to be so you have to be creative in the way that you make things work and keep those products going for people”.

But it’s not just his technical expertise that makes Randy one of the most in-demand technicians in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. Customers quickly discover his friendly, professional approach and his wonderful talent for listening carefully to what they tell him. And he won’t spring any nasty surprises on you – after examining the appliance, Randy will clearly explain the source of the problem and what needs to be done to make it right. Randy also knows that when people buy an appliance, oftentimes they’re not told how best to use it. He’s always happy to share his knowledge of the appliance with the customer and can often give them helpful advice about how to care for their appliance and get the most out of it.

When we asked what his favorite part of the job is, Randy didn’t hesitate: “The people, absolutely” and adds that the accomplishment of repairing their appliances is a very close second.

No wonder customers ask for him by name.

When he’s not doing the job he loves, Randy spends his time with his other love – his family. His favorite thing in the world is family activities with them – having meals with his wife and his son and daughter, going to his son’s baseball games, and helping to plan his daughter’s wedding coming up next year.


For the very best in appliance repair and maintenance, you can count on C&W Appliance Service.