Asko Appliances, a Leader in Innovation, Functionality, and Design

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Asko appliances are considered to use sophisticated, forward-thinking European design in all of their home appliances – innovative, green and beautifully designed.

For the kitchen, Asko features built- in, panel ready, and outdoor dishwashers that meet high standards for low water and energy consumption, all while preserving the functionality and beauty of the Scandinavian design. Features include a super cleaning system, large capacity, and turbo drying contained in sleek, durable steel. This time-tested product line cleans better and is more environmentally friendly than many products on the market, and they look good, too! The simple beauty of the Scandinavian design aesthetic complements a sophisticated life.

Innovative laundry appliances from Asko include a wide range of washers and dryers, from family size to supersized. They are both highly efficient and high in performance. The family size Ultracare can be expected to use less electricity, water, and detergent than most machines while cleaning clothes and linens exceptionally well. The family size dryers feature short drying programs with little to no wrinkling and low energy consumption.

Pro Series washers from Asko can handle over 24 pounds at a time, but this series uses the same energy and water as a standard washer. Pro Series dryers feature short drying times for heavier than usual loads. Asko washers, dryers, and dishwashers incorporate industrial strength with style for home use.

Asko products have received multiple design awards for both functionality and green design including recognition from ADEX for design excellence, the Red Dot Award, the Design Prize from the Federal Republic of Germany, the Swedish Grand Award of Design for Business, the Green Good Design Award, and International Design Magazine.

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