DIY Dishwasher Repair Tips

A broken dishwasher can threaten your kitchen cabinets and flooring, not to mention your dishpan hands. While there are larger dishwasher repair issues that should addressed by an experienced appliance repair technician like those from C&W Appliance Service, there are smaller dishwasher repair issues that can easily be fixed with a little DIY elbow grease.

The Switch That Doesn’t Work

It may sound silly, but if the “on” switch is unresponsive, check the power. The circuit breaker may have tripped or the plug may have a short. If the issue isn’t the circuit breaker or plug, it may be the motor. Depending on the symptoms, the problem could be a motor start relay, drive belt or an obstruction in the motor or pump.

A Dishwasher With No Water

Without water running through it, a dishwasher obviously isn’t effective.  There are a few parts you can check when a dishwasher doesn’t fill properly.  Specifically, check the water inlet valve or drain valve.  If water isn’t draining properly, the drain valve is probably the primary suspect.  Also check the drain hose for clogs or an obstruction.  Aside from parts, check the water valve.  If you recently had plumbing work, the plumber may have turned off the valve and failed to turn it back on. The answer could be as simple as turning on the valve.

The Wash Cycle Stopped Mid-Cycle

You set the dishwasher, heard it start, but now an hour later, the dishes are still dirty. If the timer motor is out, the dishwasher is unable to complete washing cycles.  In addition to the timer motor, check the thermostat and heating element.  Any of these parts can cause a dishwasher to experience incomplete wash cycles.  On the flip side, all three can also create an endless wash cycle.

The Dishwasher That Leaks Everywhere

The wash cycle may work perfectly, but water is going everywhere.  Before you begin your inspection, turn off the dishwasher to avoid any damage to cabinets or flooring, and make sure the dishwasher door latch is locked and secured.  Now being inspecting a few of the parts.  Are the door gaskets sealing and is the seal tight?  Are there any obstructions in the drain hose?  Is the water inlet valve and pump in good working order?  Or do they appear worn?  If you find something that doesn’t look right with any of these items, it may be time to replace parts.

Between drain valves, door latches and spray arms, it’s easy to perform some basic troubleshooting.  For issues that you can’t resolve on your own, contact C&W Appliance Service, the only factory certified Sub-Zero & Wolf appliance repair service provider in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.  For more than 60 years, C&W has provided exceptional appliance repair service to customers across Dallas, Fort Worth and San Antonio.  For more information, call (855) 358-1496.


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