Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence: Christie Knighten-Dunbar’s Dedication to Customer Service

At C&W Appliance Service, we are thrilled to honor Christie Knighten-Dunbar as she celebrates her remarkable 20-year journey with us.

Christie, our Senior CSR and lead Warranty Administrator, has been the backbone of our frontline customer service operations, ensuring that every interaction is marked by promptness, professionalism, and care.


Reflecting on her early days with us, Christie recalls the challenges of navigating through MapsCo grids to locate customers’ homes (there are many common street names in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin and San Antonio – so attention to detail is critical!).


She also remembers printing out paper tickets (with the triplicate paper) and transitioning to innovative software to better help serve our customers.  More recently, Christie has supported the transition to newer customer service tools, including a new phone system that enables texting with customers to provide service in the easiest convenient ways possible.

Even amidst personal challenges, such as the devastation caused by the 2019 tornado that struck our community, Christie’s resilience shone through as she helped C&W Appliance Service recover, despite her own home being affected.

Donna Harper, Customer Service Manager, commends her unwavering dedication to serving customers, stating, “Christie’s commitment to our customers is unparalleled. Her ability to identify issues swiftly and ensure seamless scheduling and follow-up has been invaluable to our team.”

Philip LaPlante, C&W’s Service Manager, acknowledges the indispensable role Christie plays in our operations, remarking, “The technicians rely on Christie’s word. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that they have everything they need to serve our customers effectively.”

Ben Brinkopf, the owner of C&W, expresses gratitude for Christie’s two decades of service, emphasizing how privileged the entire team is to have her on ours.  “Christie’s dedication to C&W and our customers is truly remarkable. Her commitment to excellence sets the standard for all of us.”



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