20 Last-Minute Kitchen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

CW Services Inc: Kitchen Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your favorite culinary artist? Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for the cooking enthusiasts on your list.

    1. Bamboo Salad Hands: Perfect for serving friends, family and guests, the bamboo salad hands are an affordable and eco-friendly gift. Add a matching bamboo mixing bowl to make this gift complete.
    2. Cookie Scoop: Available in many sizes, a cookie scoop has multiple uses beyond forming perfectly round balls for cookies. You can use it for things like freezing tomato paste, making bite-sized snacks or scooping fruits for fruit salad. When putting it inside the stocking, write a cookie recipe and attach it to the scooper. Handwrite it for that special “home” feeling. 
    3. Mini Spatula: For those who are tired of trying to get that last bit of jam out of the jar with a butter knife, a mini spatula can come in very handy. You can even get a mini spatula made for the bottom of jars with a curved top. You could even add a jar of the person’s favorite jam, chocolate cream or salad dressing. Wrap it with a colorful ribbon. 
    4. Kitchen Shears: There are many things you can do with kitchen shears. A good quality pair can even cut chicken bones, ideal for spatchcocking, a technique where you cut the chicken and flatten it out for a faster cooking process. The shears are also great for cutting vegetables and herbs. 
    5. Kitchen Tongs: Good kitchen tongs are such a useful item in any kitchen for cooking and serving (and for reaching those items hiding at the back of the cupboard). 
    6. Mini Measuring Spoons: How much food is a tad or a pinch? If you know someone who likes to be precise when cooking, a set of mini measuring spoons is the perfect gift. 
    7. Silicone Muffin Cups: A set of silicone muffin cups is a resourceful little gift for the patissiers on your list. They easily turn inside out to extract the muffins, and you can use them to serve nuts and small candies, dips, individual gelatine servings, or making large ice cubes. The possibilities are endless! 
    8. Tea Infuser: You can find tea infusers of all shapes and sizes, everything from the elegant to the imaginative. If you know the person’s favorite tea recipe, wrap some tea bags with the infuser.
    9. Digital Kitchen Scale: For people who want to step up their cooking skills, a digital kitchen scale is a must. Many elaborate recipes list the ingredients by weight rather than quantity. For international recipes, you can get a scale that automatically converts the measures to metric. 
    10. Digital Meat Thermometer: A digital meat thermometer reads faster and more accurately than the classic analog display. And in some recipes like turkey, it’s very important to achieve the right temperature.
    11. Spice Jars: Spices are often indispensable to a tasty meal. A set of spice jars is a great option to unclutter the kitchen and beautifully display colorful spices. You can be creative and prepare a homemade spice blend to add to this useful gift.
    12. Silicone Baking Mats: A silicone baking mat is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets. Not only is it easy to keep clean, you can replace the parchment paper and tin foil, and there’s less chance of browning or burning. 
    13. Mixing Scraper Attachment: For some recipes, it’s very important not to let the ingredients sit at the bottom of the bowl. The scraper attachment will ensure that all ingredients get well mixed. Plus, this is the perfect size to put inside the stocking!
    14. Milk Frother: A milk frother is such a handy item for preparing hot and cold beverage favorites. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for making hot chocolate.
    15. Automatic Jar Opener: Who hasn’t had to contend with a stubborn jar lid? An automatic jar opener adjusts to the size of the lid. Just push the button and voila, the struggle is over!
    16. Snap-On Strainer: A snap-on strainer attaches to the edge of the pot and lets you drain boiling water away from the contents. 
    17. Oven Mitts: Add a dash of fun to handling hot pots and pans with quirky oven mitts, ones that look like lobster claws, or bear claws, or even a T-Rex.
    18. Premium Knives: There’s nothing better in the kitchen than a set of good knives, ones that don’t dull quickly and that feel nicely balanced.
    19. Dusting Wand: No, this isn’t for getting dust off the top of the door jams. A baker’s dusting wand lets you sprinkle evenly cakes and cookies with confectioners sugar.
    20. Whisk Cleaner: A whisk cleaner is a type of scraper that you attach to the whisk to wipe the coils clean, and you can even use it to scrape the inside of the bowl.

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